SILVIA RIGON  explores the continuous negotiation between singularity and constraints structuring physical and experiential worlds in multiple, relational dimensions. She is interested in exploring ambivalences and challenging assumptions of anthropocentric exceptionalism that has traditionally framed our relationship towards nature.

Her artistic practice includes multimedia installations, experimental animation, and iterations of drawings, 3D models, 3D prints and other fabrication processes.  Her recent body of work looks at mathematical biology and growth algorithms to create a spatial condition in which practices of representation and practices of simulation intertwine. It employs media nomadism as a way to explore transformation and loops in the techno-natural continuum.

Her work has been exhibited internationally in such venues as: The Metropolitan Museum of Photography in Tokyo, Japan; The Center for Contemporary Art, Tallinn, Estonia; Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria; The Armory Center for the Arts Pasadena; The Parachute Factory (Yale University), New Haven; The Center of Contemporary Art in Torun, Poland; The California Institute of Nanotechnology, Los Angeles; The Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles. Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria;

She holds a degree in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice (Italy), and an MFA from the Department of Design | Media Arts at UCLA (2002). She is a faculty at Pasadena City College in the Department of Visual Arts and Media Studies and USC, Media Arts + Practice. She is the Director of the Design Media Arts Summer Institute at UCLA. Previously, she worked at the Walt Disney Company and taught at RISD and UCLA.

Full CV upon request.